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KYCC-Your Christian Companion Is Also Your Business Companion


KYCC offers an effective way to market your business to consumers and community and business leaders who are hard to reach with traditional media. For as little as $200 a month, KYCC delivers your marketing messages to the core 34-54 demographic-influencers who are the best educated, most affluent, and most active audience available. It's a great way to promote your business, enhance your image and deliver a marketing message that will be heard. And because KYCC is a non-profit radio ministry, your marketing dollars are tax deductible!


Advantages of Marketing with KYCC


Reach Loyal, Highly Engaged Consumers and Decision-makers

KYCC delivers the important 34-54 demographic-with a difference. Unlike more passive media like television and secular radio stations, KYCC's programming is not just entertaining and uplifting, it is information- and content-rich and connects on a deeper, spiritual level. Also, our involvement in the communities in which we serve has granted KYCC station positions of prominence and trusted leadership among the public, community & business leaders. This translates to a devoted audience that listens consistently, is highly engaged, and trusts KYCC and the business sponsors who make our radio ministry possible.


Deliver Your Message with Greater Efficiency and Frequency

Because KYCC stations are partially funded through listener donations, the cost of marketing on KYCC is lower than on commercial stations. For as little as $200 a month, your business can begin to forge a long-term relationship with our large base of appreciative listeners, many of whom are community and business leaders. Your business will be viewed as sharing KYCC's values of quality, integrity and deep community involvement.


Your Marketing Messages Stand Out on KYCC

On KYCC, your marketing messages are heard. Our practice of airing a limited number of announcements per hour produces a clutter-free environment. Coupled with the gracious, hype-free but creative marketing announcements KYCC develops for its sponsors, your message will be heard as content, not background noise. And our team of marketing specialists will work tirelessly to craft marketing messages that are compelling, imaginative and that will ultimately drive business though your door. All while complying with FCC guidelines for underwriting (more about underwriting below).


We look forward to forging a long-term partnership with you and helping you build your business. For more information about marketing your service or product on the KYCC family of stations, please contact:


Mr. John Ramos

Business Underwriting Dir.
800-654-5254 (Toll Free Call)
209-444-4622 (Office Land Line)


How It Works-Marketing on KYCC

Our KYCC stations are designated by the FCC as "non-commercial". This means that we cannot air traditional advertisements like a commercial station. We can, however, make on-air announcements that recognize businesses for their financial support called underwriting. And though the FCC strictly limits what can be said on these announcements, we believe that with a solid understanding of your business, some imagination, a sharp pencil and a little prayer, our staff of marketing specialists can craft an effective underwriting announcement that will complement your marketing plan and build awareness for your business.

In return for your financial support, KYCC will acknowledge your business with 15-second on-air announcements through the day. We tell our loyal listeners:


WHO you are,

WHAT you do,
WHERE you are (address, phone, Web URL, e-mail depending on time available),
WHEN you're open, and
WHY your business is important to them.

And don't forget-our staff will work with you to craft the most compelling on-air announcement possible while still complying with FCC guidelines. This extra level of care is what makes KYCC Your Business Companion!

Market Your Business Now - Sponsor KYCC!

:15 Seconds


Rotating at various airtimes 5:00 a.m. to 9:06 p.m.

Air Times:

Info allowed:

Name, Address, Phone, and brief non-promotional description of products or services.

Price information, incentives to buy, calls to action, promotional language or Church service times (KYCC may mention special events)

Not allowed:

KYCC requires an initial production fee of $25.00 per :15 second spot created. And sponsors will be assessed an additional $25.00 fee each time they request to update their announcements.

Production Fee:

Other details:

KYCC prays for all of its underwriting businesses each week during staff devotions.  And we are a 501(3)(c) Non-profit tax deductible radio ministry.  KYCC requests the first month's donation along with their $25 production fee in advance prior to radio spot production & requires a three-month minimum sponsorship via EFT or credit card. All Radio Underwriting Spots are non-refundable.  Sponsor will agree to continue to make monthly donations automatically until sponsor notifies Mr. John Ramos of KYCC with 30 Days advance notice of their decision to cease donating.  Thank you for choosing to support KYCC Radio "Your Christian Companion!"

Monthly Donation

Number of Acknowledgements

Frequency of Acknowledgements



4 per Day



2 per Day



1 per Day

Production Schedule

Agreements made between 6th-20th of the month will be on the air by the 1st of the following month. Agreements made between 21st-5th of the month will be on the air by the 16th of the month.

Effective 01/01/13, subject to change.

Take a peek at our current sponsors.  Click Here

As a KYCC sponsor, you'll be in the good company of other community-minded businesses and organizations. It is KYCC's prayer and desire that our loyal listeners support our business partners and we pray for our partners success each week during staff devotions. Thank you for making our radio ministry possible!

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